Speaking Topics

Below are a few of my favourite topics I have spoken on and the targeted audience. Feel free to suggest another, and know I’m flexible to adapting any to suit your needs!


  • Ministering to this Generation – An evening for parents and adults who work with young people. Come and take heart, learn, and be encouraged! You are essential to the faith of young people!
  • And God Said Tweet! – Social Media Boundaries & Effectiveness in light of the New Evangelization.
  • PORN! What are You Good For?! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! – A session about the dangers of pornography, my personal struggle, and the freedom I felt through the Theology of the Body & Sacrament of Reconciliation. Also many practical tips on how to prevent exposure and overcome the addiction. *Will adapt to the audience; youth, parents, men’s session, etc.
  • It Takes Two Baby, It Takes Two Baby, It Takes Three?! – An evening to enrich marriages with Sharon & Colm Leyne. They’ll share how God works in your communication and failures, as well as deep thoughts from their 4-year-old daughter.

and more including:

  • 3 Ways to Redefine Failure
  • It’s Tricky – 3 Step Evaluation
  • Jesus Took A Cab



  • Fear God, Not Failure – Colm Leyne shares about the pitfalls of over discernment, and how discernment has a beginning and an end. Mary’s title isn’t Our Lady of Perpetual Discernment! All ages welcome.
  • Fail Miserably for Christ – Evangelization according to Colm Leyne, GK Chesterton & St. Francis de Sales. All ages welcome.
  • Step by Step, o Holiness – Gonna Get to Heaven! – What does the Pope, U2, New Kids on the Block, the catechism, desire, and our hearts have in common? All ages welcome to come find out!
  • Spiritual Detox: A humorous scriptural reflection on the Transfiguration and living an authentic Christian life.
  • To Date or Not to Date; Is That the Question? – A fun evening about relationships filled with wisdom, humour, and our vocational journey.
  • Me, Myself, and Marriage –  A humble and humorous attempt by Colm Leyne to understand oneself in light of living the vocation of marriage through scripture, the catechism and embarrassing moments. Come laugh and hopefully learn.

and more including:

  • #ibelievebecause
  • Catholic Jerks Are Just Jerks
  • Turnaround Day
  • #DoOver – Conversion 101
  • The Art of Disappointment
  • Tacky! How Not to Evangelize
  • No Translation Needed
  • Blessed are the Awkward
  • Advent: Dinosaurs, Tinkerbell & Jesus
  • Dark Night of the Soul Indeed
  • My Problem with Random Acts of Kindness
  • To Keep or Not to Keep