Colm’s Bio

The Quick Glimpse:

  • Name: Colm Patrick Liam Francis Leyne (Francis is my confirmation name)
  • Age: 32! Yikes, when I was a kid I declared that your over the hill at 30. Can I revise that statement or strike it from the record?
  • Facebook Relationship Status: Married to Sharon for almost 6 years!
  • Children: Jacinta Mary-Luisa is 5 and Ezra Patrick Joseph who is almost 1!
  • Occupation: Youth Ministry Coordinator for the Diocese of Saskatoon.
  • Birthplace: Ok, technically I’m Irish-Canadian… born outside Toronto, raised in Calgary to two loving and as Irish as it can get parents.

Other facts that make Colm interesting:

  • Holds the Canadian Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies
  • Current Chairperson for the Western Canadian Association of Catholic Youth Ministers. I think WCACYM is awesome, you should check us out!
  • I cheer for the Fighting Irish and the Montreal Canadiens… that’s like cause for Sainthood  … right?
  • Nice people like my boss and the bishop says good things, as well as my wife. I guess that’s good? (testimonials to come)


We will pick it up in university. I studied Economics and Psychology for 3 years of University before I epically dropped out yelling at God to fix my life, to which he said you fix it with your decisions. Slowly I made better ones after a stint bar tending.  After a slow conversion between WYD 2002 and 2005 and developing a devotion to Mary and lots of intercession from my mother, I ended up after years of volunteering as the Youth Ministry Coordinator at St. Bonaventure Parish in Calgary (my home parish). It was three of the greatest years of my life I’ll never forget. I spent the next year coordinating the Diocesan Youth Retreat Team for the Diocese of Calgary.  That followed being offered my current dream job here at the Diocese of Saskatoon as Coordinator of the Youth Ministry Office in the summer of 2009.