Vacation perks: when you are able to take the time to enjoy invading nappers in your bed #sabbath #thegoodlife

Jacinta showing off her #snapchatscience project at her 1st Science Fair #homeschool #leynecademy #sciencefair

Jacinta’s 95% ready for her 1st Science Fair tomorrow. She did all the writing, typing and cutting. All we need is our Snapchat Science title to go up. Come for the science fair, stay for the live chemical reactions! Snapchat Science will be live on location throughout the afternoon! Tune in and see the cool things homeschoolers learn and do too! #leynecademy #sciencefair #homeschool

Feeling obsolete: Jacinta reviewing her typing for her Snapchat Science display for the science fair she’s in Friday. She also pointed out my spelling mistakes when I first recorded her dictation of the procedures for her to type out. #leynecademy #homeschool #shedidtheworknotme

Sometimes when you’re having a meltdown instead of napping, you end up napping.#maryphotobomb

Had a great post birthday/valentine’s night out with these crazy people. #couplesnight #onecentwings

We still need about 7 more leaders. I know you’re out there! Apply and have the best week of your summer!
—- We’re looking for teens currently in Grade 10 and up to apply to our EMERGE Leadership team. Deadline to apply is Friday, February 10th! We have limited spots left!

EMERGE is a new camp the Diocese of Saskatoon Youth Ministry Office is launching this Summer August 21-25th out at Blackstrap Camp. It is for youth going into Grade 8/9. We are in the process of finding 15-20 teens to volunteer to help organize and facilitate the camp with Adult leaders.

EMERGE will be a week-long (5-day) experience you won’t forget. The goal is to help leaders grow in their leadership skills and confidence, as well as equip the next generation of disciples to be world changers. To encounter Christ, grow in Christ, and be Christ to the world.

The programming is run by the team, overseen by responsible adults. We provide the framework, training (1/month starting in March), teens bring their creativity, skills, and impact.

Want to change the world? Look no further. #campemerge

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I can’t stop loving them. #nevergonnagiveyouup

Excited to share my love for this man and all the saints alongside @sharonleyne as we present to some students at St. Bernard’s tomorrow!

Ezra having the #timeofmylife at movies for the 1st time. #Sing #flashbackfriday #parenting